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The FTS TEAM tells you what is good packaging?

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  The FTS TEAM tells you what is good packaging?

  Good packaging is enough to protect the product from damage in the distribution environment without costly over-packaging. Of course, it requires constant testing of the product to quantify its resistance to environmental hazards.

  How can packaging testing improve the environmental impact or sustainability of the product & packaging system?

  About 30 percent of landfills at most sites are filled with package-related materials. Excessive and unrepeatable waste is one of the main causes. By designing packaging systems to make them easy to reuse and recyclable, a lot of waste can be avoided at little or no cost. In addition in the design of the packaging more and more use of degradable materials, even not be able to avoid a part of the packaging materials into the fate of the garbage, but we also reduce to the harm of human homes, these can be easily degradable materials, after a few months can be turned into the compost return to nature, we have minimized the damage during the packaging process.

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