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The FTS team's holiday notice for New Year's day 2020

2019/12/31 9:59:15      点击:

  The FTS team's holiday notice for New Year's day 2020

  There will be a holiday on January 1, 2020.

  I wish all colleagues: happy holidays, good health.

  Suzhou FuGang industrial testing technology co. ltd.

  December 31, 2019

  Fugang Industrial Testing Services(Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is a professional testing laboratory for packaging transportation, focusing on ASTM D4169 packaging testing, ISTA 6A testing, ISTA 3E testing, the company strives to select the right packaging for users, and provides positive support for users to actively deal with the packaging requirements of foreign e-commerce and product registration and packaging verification. If you need packing transportation test service, please contact us: 18136076160.

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